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Wolfia setup

A few notes:


Starting a game

Command What it does Example usage / aliases
w.in sign up for a game w.in
w.out drop from the sign up list; moderators can out other players w.out w.out @player
w.setup set up the game in the current channel w.setup daylength 5 w.setup game mafia w.setup mode classic
w.start start a game w.start
w.rolepm ask the bot to resend you your rolepm for the ongoing game w.rpm
w.status show the current status of an ongoing game or sign ups w.st

Game actions

Command What it does Example usage / aliases
w.check check a players alignment w.check 6
w.shoot shoot another player w.s @player
w.unvote unvote w.u
w.vote vote a player for lynch w.v @player
w.votecount post the current votecount w.vc
w.nightkill vote a player for nightkill (in mafia chat only) w.nk @player
w.hohoho give a player a present (xmas mode only) w.ho 5
w.items list the items that you own (xmas mode only) w.items
w.openpresent open a present that you received (xmas mode only) w.op

Bot Settings

Command What it does Example usage / aliases
w.channelsettings set up settings for this channel w.cs accessrole Mafiaplayer w.channelsettings tagcooldown 10 w.cs auto-out on


Command What it does Example usage / aliases
w.userstats show stats of a user w.userstats @user
w.guildstats show stats of the current guild w.guildstats w.guildstats <guildId>
w.botstats show bot wide stats w.botstats

Other Commands

Command What it does Example usage / aliases
w.auth authorize to be added to wolf chat automatically w.auth
w.commands show a list of all available commands w.comms
w.help send some help your way w.help
w.info show some general information about Wolfia w.info
w.invite post invite links for Wolfia and the Wolfia Lounge w.inv
w.rank add or remove a rank in the WolfiaLounge w.rank AlphaWolves
w.replay show the replay of a game w.replay #gameid
w.tag post or sign up for the tag list of the channel w.tag + w.tag - w.tag + @role

Game Modes


Town against Mafia

Mafia Lite

9+ players

Power roles:
The Cop investigates the alignment of a player at night.

Xmas Mafia

7+ players

Power roles:
The Cop investigates the alignment of a player at night.
(Many) Santas who give out presents to other players, which contain useful, but also dangerous items.


Village against Wolves

Popcorn Wild

3+ players

The Wild mode randomizes who gets the . The channel is never be closed, non-players and dead players can post all the time.

Popcorn Classic

3-26 players

The Classic mode allows the s to have a separate hidden chat, where they may decide which gets the . The game channel is moderated, which means during a game only the living players are allowed to talk in the channel.


Wolfia requires some permissions to run games flawlessly. It will try to automatically set itself up with what it needs, or ask you to give it the required permissions to do so.

Using the official invite link provided at the top of this page, or by running the w.help command to invite Wolfia to your server, will have it request the required permissions. If permissions on your server are broken for Wolfia or the required ones have been updated, kicking and reinviting should restore permissions to a working state.

Nevertheless, and also for the control freaks among us, here is a comprehensive list of what is required and why:


- Read Message History
Edit it's own messages after they have been sent
- Use External Emojis
The standarized emojis are not enough to display everything clearly, so Wolfia packs a bunch of custom ones
- Embed Links
Formatting of messages
- Add Reactions
Display vote counts
- Manage Messages
Clearing reactions off of votecounts
- Manage Roles
Moderate the game channel with permission overrides (and just that; Wolfia does not create or delete any roles for the players)


- Create Instant Invite
Adds invites to the channel where the game is running to role pms and private chat servers which makes for a smooth navigation for players during the game.

β version

Wolfia is currently in beta status, which means the following:

Uptime over last 7 days:
Uptime Robot ratio (7 days)

Special mentions:

Coded with lots of by Napster